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Being involved in racing started out as a hobby for both Scott and Adam, with the goal to provide owners with the best racing experience possible.

“Do what you love, and you will never work another day in your life”

About Us

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SCOTT WHEELER wasn’t brought up surrounded by horses, but his passion and drive has allowed him to provide a service that has been well found across the board in the racing industry.


He is a great communicator, well written and has added photography and videography to the skill set which gives him the edge when assisting clients develop their business.


Scott will ensure that all your communication needs are looked after and you will always be dealt with in a friendly and professional manner












ADAM HASLER brings a long history of working within the Information Technology industry. He has always had a passion for being involved in the racing industry.

Adam will be heavily involved in your initial setup, and in working with you to move your business into the digital age.

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